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Pay with QuickPenny

Earn store credit and support your preferred business by reducing their payment fees

Earn rewards without borrowing money on your credit card

QuickPenny enables you to quickly and conveniently pay straight from your bank account

We store your delivery address and payment information, so all you need to do is log in with your phone number to pay

Avoid late fees and high interest charges while still earning store credit

Spending on your debit card does not earn rewards

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How it works

1) Click on the QuickPenny button at checkout.

2) Sign in to your QuickPenny account with your phone number

3) Select a bank account to pay

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How to link your bank account

1) Sign in to your QuickPenny account.

2) Click to link your bank account.

3) Find your bank.

4) Authenticate with your username and password.

There is no need to remember account numbers, and QuickPenny partners with the same company used by Venmo and CashApp to securely manage the authentication process.

We take security seriously



We safeguard your financial information with the latest encryption protocols like Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). All your data is secured in transit and at rest.


Secure cloud

QuickPenny is hosted in a mature and secure cloud environment. By leveraging cloud infrastructure, we can bring decades of security experience to protecting your financial information.


Your data is yours

We don't sell, rent or share your financial data with outside companies. 


Safe linking

We connect your bank account with the same provider that Venmo and CashApp use. We never see your bank username and password and neither do our merchants.

Earn an additional $10 in store credit with your first purchase.