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QuickPenny wins pitchfest

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QuickPenny participated in a prestigious start-up accelerator and incubator associated with Stanford and was selected as one of three winners in an international field of 14 companies. The Stanford Graduate School of Business Lead Incubator and Start-up Accelerator (“LISA”) has incubated over 70 companies in the last 2 years. Over 3 months, LISA participants leveraged a Stanford Entrepreneurship toolkit designed by Stanford’s faculty and successful entrepreneurs, combining high-level insights on building ventures with tactical steps necessary for launching or validating a sustainable business. LISA participants also received LISA-designed services that included Design Sessions with Facilitators, Storytelling and Pitching Sessions, Mentoring Sessions, Business and Financial Model Design as recorded workshops, and recorded panel discussions from Entrepreneurs, VCs, and industry Experts as part of LISA’s In-house built digital incubation platform.


About QuickPenny

QuickPenny is a payment and loyalty rewards application that enables people to earn more points by paying straight from their bank account. QuickPenny leverages the automated clearing house (“ACH”) to reduce payment processing fees, so QuickPenny merchants can fund loyalty rewards programs with the savings.