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Save payment processing fees and fund customer loyalty rewards with QuickPenny

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Leveraging card alternatives

QuickPenny uses card alternatives like ACH to drive down merchant fees while still providing a convenient user experience.




Merchants pay lower fees and realize higher profits.



Merchants can fund a rewards program through QuickPenny with the payment processing fee savings.



People do not need to type in their financial account numbers or delivery address, which increases conversion.


Charities pay lower transaction fees, so more donor money goes to the charity. Ask us about QuickPenny's special non-profit rates.


  • Because QuickPenny has lower payment processing fees, merchants can use the savings to fund a loyalty rewards program that we facilitate. 

  • Rather than have customers earn points that they can use with any merchant, with QuickPenny your customers can only use their rewards with you. That will drive greater loyalty.

  • Merchants have full control over the rewards rate and expiration date. Want to drive loyalty? Set a higher rewards rate. Want greater profit compared to payment processing alternatives like credit cards? Set a lower rewards rate.

  • At your option, set higher rewards rates as part of seasonal promotions like Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day sales.

  • We are working on integrating QuickPenny rewards with any existing loyalty programs that you have.



How it works

1) Users click on the QuickPenny button at checkout.

2) Users sign in to their QuickPenny account.

3) Users select an account to use and pay.

QuickPenny Connect


How users link accounts

1) Users sign in to their QuickPenny account.

2) Users click to link their bank account.

3) Users find their bank.

4) Users authenticate with their username and password.

There is no need to remember account numbers, and QuickPenny partners with the same company used by Venmo and CashApp to securely manage the authentication process.

QuickPenny understands

Overhead is high and profit margin is low. Reducing payment processing fees helps merchants thrive.

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