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Peer-to-peer payment on your bank app

Quickpenny is an innovative API used by banks and credit unions to inexpensively provide peer-to-peer payments and to increase bank and credit union connectivity.

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Save money with a less costly solution than Zelle

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Wider network than Zelle

Your customers will be able to send and receive money from virtually anybody with a United States checking account.

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Simpler user experience than Zelle

All your customer needs to do is push a button and email or text the generated URL address to whomever they are sending money to or requesting money from.

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White label

Eliminate external company branding from your banking application.

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Increase engagement

Maintain meaningful customer connectivity that supports other business lines.

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Challenge PayPal and Venmo

Empower your customers to make peer-to-peer payments directly from your website or app.

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PayPal accounts


Average PayPal balance



How to send or receive money


1. Find the peer-to-peer payment feature in your bank app


2. Enter the amount you want to send or receive


3. Click the button to generate a URL address


4. Email or text the URL address to the person you are sending money to or requesting money from

How to send or receive money as the counterpart


1. Click the URL address you received by text or email


2. Find your bank or credit union


3. Log in to your bank or credit union


4. Confirm




Customer benefits



Send money straight from or receive money straight to your checking account.



There is no need to transfer money to an external account like PayPal or Venmo.



Send or request money with the push of a few buttons.



Enrolling your phone number and email address is not required.



Why QuickPenny?


QuickPenny is a white label peer-to-peer payment solution that enables virtually anybody with a U.S. checking account to send money to or receive money from your customers.


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